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Different Billing Models



That's our goal when it comes to how we bill for services. Wherever your company is in its growth trajectory, we have a billing model that could work for you.


Traditional Hourly

Yup, exactly what you're used to.  You agree to pay the attorney's quoted hourly rate, then that multiplier is applied to all time spent on your engagement during the month.

BEST FOR companies with occasional legal work where volumes may be sporadic or inconsistent.


Subscription / "Fractional GC"


* Our preferred

When you sign up for our "fractional GC" service, you purchase a predetermined block of time each month at a predetermined flat rate.  For example, you decide your company needs 30 hours of time a month, and the parties agree on a flat rate for that 30-hour block.  You can budget and plan for it, and it takes some of the guesswork out of traditional hourly billing.

BEST FOR companies with consistent legal needs, but perhaps not to the point of requiring a dedicated in-house attorney or legal team.  Great for companies looking to scale quickly and have ready-access to counsel that knows their business and employees.



You have a legal project that needs to be done. We agree to do the project for a fixed fee.  We don't keep time and you don't pay by-the-hour.  When the project is completed and delivered, you pay the invoice for the agreed-upon amount.

BEST FOR companies with a one-time qualifying project. 


Alternate Billing



** Not common

Anything that doesn't fit into the three models listed above we would consider as "alternate" billing. It could mean an arrangement for legal services in exchange for some other store of value (such as cryptocurrency, stock or an equity interest in the company).  It could also mean some hybrid of the three models listed above. We are less inclined to explore alternate billing if there's another model that could (or should) work.

BEST FOR  early stage companies that lack the financial means to pay for experienced, high-caliber legal counsel.

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